Opportunities exist for senior researchers to serve
as Team Leaders or as contributing authors

Expressions of Interest are also being sought from Principal Investigators and other senior researchers who would be interested in being selected to lead or join any of the twelve teams that will be producing the twelve reviews that are planned. Once responses have been received, we will select and invite the strongest applicants to serve as team leaders using the following three criteria:

  1. A demonstrated level of expertise in one of the twelve areas with preference being given to neuroscientists (although other disciplines will be considered)
  2. A distinguished track record of peer-reviewed publications in the neuroscience literature
  3. A solid history of collaboration

Team leaders who are selected will have the option to assume the role of lead author and/or to name a lead author and assume the role corresponding author, or to assume both the lead-author and corresponding author roles for the team's review.

Once the team leaders have been selected, the remaining team members for each team will be invited to participate as well. The team members will be selected collaboratively from the pool of researchers who have expressed an interest in the project and the team leader will be able to invite known collaborators from his/her own lab or from past projects. The team members will be selected with the following considerations in mind:

Domain Experts -Each team leader will be supported by other experts who will collectively be responsible for producing a review of the topic area and to summarize any known relationships that exist between that particular topic and the other areas under consideration in the project. Given the scale of the framework that we will use as a starting point for the project, several experts should be added to the team who can readily produce a compact synthesis of the literature that focuses on the neurobiology as it is currently understood.

Interdisciplinary Approach - Ideally, each team will also have a number of other researchers (e.g., psychologists, sociologists, cognitive scientists, etc.) who can ensure that a truly interdisciplinary perspective emerges in each review. The field of affective science has benefited from the inputs of a wide range of contributors and it is therefore believed that each review will be improved with inputs and perspectives from a variety of relevant disciplines.

PhD Students and Post-doctoral Researchers -  Each scientist who is selected to join the task force will also be able to nominate a single PhD student or post-doctoral researcher within their own lab to assist and participate in the teams work. These assisting researchers will also receive authorship recognition for their contributions to the teams review and the capstone article (i.e., two middle-authorships).