The Human Affectome Project will use a distributed funding model
with fee-waivers for some researchers

Project Participation

This project will be based on a distributed funding model.  Researchers who are invited to join this task force will need to pay a $475 USD participation fee**, which will mainly be used to cover publishing-related costs associated with the special issue in the selected journal.

Researchers who attend the 2-day workshop in Halifax, Nova Scotia will also need to pay an additional $275 USD workshop fee which will cover costs associated with workshop meals, outside speakers, transportation and incidental facility costs.  Not all participants are required to attend the workshop, but since the workshop is a key part of the project launch, preference will be given to candidates who have institutional support, or another source of funding to cover travel costs and the workshop fee so they can attend.


  • The project participation fee of $475 USD and the workshop fee of $275 USD will be waived for researchers who are selected as team leaders***. 
  • The project participation fee of $475 USD will be waived for PhD Students and/or Post-doctoral researchers who are assisting a team leader, advisory board member, or any other researcher who has paid to take part in the project.
  • The project participation fee of $475 USD will also be waived for a select number of researchers from low-to-middle income countries.  Researchers who fall into this category (i.e., those who are interested in joining the taskforce) should submit an expression of interest form on this website as well as a brief email request to (simply indicating that you are interested in this support).

***Note that all Team Leaders must attend the summer workshop