11 Feb 2016

Announcing the Human Affectome Project - A Global Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Neuroscience 

2016 should prove to be a very exciting year for researchers who are focused on feelings and emotions. The Human Affectome Project has just been launched and this will be a large-scale, cross-disciplinary academic collaborative involving researchers from around the globe. The initiative will make use of teams of scientists to develop a comprehensive, integrated and holistic model of affect (i.e., one that can coherently map the complete landscape of feelings and emotions to individual needs, motivation, attention, arousal, and behavior). The project is a 2-3 year initiative that should be completed in 2018. It will involve an initial workshop that will take place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada this summer (4th-5th August of 2016) where participants will present on various topics and explore and refine the initial framework. Following the workshop 12 teams will then engage in the production of a series of review articles that will be prepared for a top-tier peer-reviewed neuroscience journal. The task force will additionally produce a fully integrated, all-author capstone/synthesis article that will pull these pieces together, with the goal of producing a landmark publication in a high-impact neuroscience journal. Researchers who are interested in knowing more about The Human Affectome project should see the attached PDF or visit the project website at www.neuroqualia.org