Neuroqualia is an independent non-governmental organization (NGO).  It is an all-volunteer, non-profit, public-interest organization with a non-commercial focus. Our mission is to bring researchers together to develop a comprehensive, integrated, holistic model of affect (i.e., one that can coherently map the landscape of feelings and emotions to individual needs, motivation, attention, arousal, decision-making and a wide range of related cognitive functions).  

The organization has a volunteer president and a volunteer advisory board and it has been established to assemble an interdisciplinary academic task force that can produce a landmark publication in the peer-reviewed neuroscience literature to accomplish its mission. That initiative has been named The Human Affectome Project.

Neuroqualia has no corporate affiliations, no intellectual property interests, no commercial interests, and no other conflicts of interest.  Our goal is to advance our understanding of human feelings, motivations, and related behaviors, and we are undertaking this project for the good of humankind